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I just wanted to take a moment and welcome you to Dragon Society International (DSI). 

We have some amazing Martial Arts content that we will share with you at absolutely NO COST at all.  The reason we do this is because we feel very strongly about giving back to the Martial Arts community that has so richly blessed us.  I guarantee you that you won't find this level of detail anywhere else.

To prove it to you, check out the following video which shows how to apply joint locks to so-called "double-jointed" people.  It is a common challenge for any Martial Artist to apply locks to people who are so flexible and don't seem to feel the pain.  In this video, Professor Patrick will show you how to make it work just as well on these individuals as it does on anyone else.

If you enjoyed this video, we will send another soon.

Your Martial Science Coach,

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Professor Michael Patrick - Read Bio

8th Degree Isshinryu Karate Black Belt

7th Degree Torite Jutsu / Kyusho Jutsu Black Belt

7th Degree Okinawan Kempo Karate Black Belt

7th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt

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